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Maybe Now

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All Colleen Hoover®️ books are signed and not available for any personalization.

Book 3 of 3 in the Maybe Someday series.

What is more important? Friendship, loyalty or love?

Colleen Hoover and Griffin Peterson collaborate once again to bring fans of Maybe Someday back into the musical world of Ridge Lawson and Sydney Blake.

And Maggie.

And Warren and Bridgette.

Maybe Now is a follow-up novel to Maybe Someday. It follows the cast of characters as they navigate new relationships and old friendships. *Maybe Now is a follow-up to Maybe Someday, which means Maybe Someday should be read first. Maybe NOT is a companion novel to both books and can be read 2nd to 3rd behind Maybe Someday, or not at all. 


For the ultimate reading experience, read them order:  Maybe Someday, Maybe Not and then Maybe Now. 

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